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Because everyone deserves protection, warmth and dignity.

It’s as simple as that. Yet, in the United States on a single night during 2018, 182,000 people were forced to sleep outside and left vulnerable to the harsh elements.

Homelessness is on the rise and especially with the costs of housing skyrocketing, some are just one paycheck away from becoming homeless. Many cities have committed resources and focused funds on providing housing solutions to those in need, but overcrowding is a huge issue that leaves many feeling unsafe, and without privacy.

Our ultimate mission is to end homelessness, but we also understand this will not happen overnight. So we want to offer our solution to protect those in need right now.

A peak into our workshop

The Sheltersuit Effect

The Sheltersuit is only one aspect of how we create positive impact. We focus on creating job opportunities, growth and development and ensure that all materials are sourced to create less waste.

Anytime you donate a Sheltersuit you are supporting our social factory, the development of our team, and decreasing waste made from the fashion industry.


This is the Sheltersuit.

A small but effective shelter.

The Sheltersuit was developed as a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It does not solve the problem of homelessness and refugees seeking shelter, but it does prevent people from freezing to death on the streets. We believe that every human life counts and that is why everyone has the right to this small shelter if they need it.

  • • Large hood
  • • Integrated scarf
  • • Lightweight and warm insulation
  • • Large pockets
  • • Strong, windproof cuffs
  • • Zip-fastened sleeping bag
  • • Wind- and waterproof, yet breathable fabric

A look back in time.


After a friend's father dies of hypothermia waiting for a day shelter to open. Bas, the founder and designer, focused his energy and design skills to create products to protect those in need.


Sheltersuit Foundation is established as a Public Benefit Organization with its first HQ in Enschede, the Netherlands.


The first big distribution, hundreds of Sheltersuits were handed out to the homeless in Amsterdam.


Hundreds of Sheltersuits were distributed in Milan and Lesbos. Sheltersuit takes home the Dutch Design Week's Public Choice Award.


A thousand Sheltersuits were distributed to the homeless refugees in Sarajevo.

Spring 2019

Sheltersuit goes to SXSW and designs the first warm weather solution for the homeless in Austin. Made with upcycled banners from the SXSW festival.

Summer 2019

Bas and the Sheltersuit team tours through America hitting all the main cities from New York to Minneapolis, distributing over a hundred Sheltersuits.

Fall 2019

Sheltersuit decides to officially expand to the USA, engaging Ziel Inc PBC for production of all US products.

We need your help to make a difference.

By donating, you make it possible for us to continue to make Sheltersuits, save lives and create jobs. Share our message on social media so we can create a movement where people help people. With this movement we are going to make the world a better place, Sheltersuit for Sheltersuit.

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